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Income Tax Preparation
Individual and Business (Multi-State)
We prepare Federal, N.C., out of state corporate, partnership, estate, trust, gift, and individual tax returns. Our philosophy is to look for every deduction and credit to which you are legally entitled. For business clients we provide information to assist the collection of the appropriate information for preparation of tax returns. In January, we send information organizers to our individual tax clients. These organizers assist clients in comparing their prior year's tax data with the current year's necessary information.

Business Consulting

Our primary focus is to work with the owners or managers in assisting and providing them with the appropriate tools to measure their business' growth and profitability. We provide consulting through: telephone appointments and conference calls, face-to-face appointments, email, on site walk through and analysis of your business, part-time, interim, or special projects. We provide you with current solutions to your business problems in accounting, finance, operations, accounting technology, and tax compliance. Our goal is to help you improve your business' performance through analysis of existing problems and development of solutions that can help you run your business more efficiently.

Tax Planning
We provide tax planning, quarterly or yearly, to assist you with awareness of your tax liability and changes in tax law. When there is a change in your business whether you make an acquisition, sell, hire, increase or decrease expenses, etc., it may affect your tax liability. Based on your specific information, we build a tax projection that can assist you in making better business decisions regarding your business operations. Tax planning is an ongoing process in your business in the event of law changes and changes that occur in your business.

Management Services / Virtual CPA
We work side by side with you, the business owner, to help you develop a strategy that fits your specific goals. We review your internal accounting operations and build you customized systems that improve efficiency and meet your compliance deadlines.
Our Management Service Team:
  • Helps Monitor and Plan Your Accounting System
  • Provides You Monthly Bank-Ready Financial Reporting
  • Analyzes Balance Sheet
  • Analyzes Cash Flow
  • Provides You with Accurate and Timely Tax Reporting
  • Gives You Enhanced Accounting Controls and Systems
  • Assists You in Preparation of Loan Packages
  • Provides Comparative Analysis of Your Company

Cash Flow Analysis / Budgeting
The lifeblood of a business is having appropriate cash flow to invest in growth and meet the demands of daily business. Without having a system in place, funds can be exhausted that are needed later in the business cycle. We can provide you with comprehensive cash management and budgeting reports to enable you to plan investments and make timely decisions concerning business opportunities.

Customized Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting
A well-maintained set of books keeps you up-to-date on the financial position of your company. It also allows you to effectively work with your bank concerning business loans in the event of investment opportunities. In today's environment, it is vital for business owners to have accurate current financial information readily available in order to make sound financial decisions. Providing you with current information on your business allows you to plan and project your business growth. Accurate financial reports reveal the health of your business, weaknesses and strengths, where to grow and cut back. We tailor financial reporting to fit the specific needs of your industry and goals for your company.

Payroll Preparation
We prepare payroll, related payroll tax returns, W-2 and 1099 forms. Outsourcing these tasks frees up you and your staff to concentrate on management of your company.

QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting Software
Most companies handle their day-to-day accounting functions on computerized accounting systems housed in their business. With systems being modernized rapidly, you should not only consider upgrading your software, but also consider how you are protecting your records from others. You have insurance on your buildings and assets but what protection do you have against loss of your accounting data? We can assist you with new solutions that will make your data more secure.
We can also assist you with software selection and setup. The proper setup of your software can make your system much more efficient. Many of today's software are not "out of the box ready". We can monitor your system via visits to your business or if you desire we can remote in to your system to assist you with problems and questions. We also have software that can be integrated with your accounting software. This is an advantage when you need third party financial statements for presentation to your bank or financial institution.

Estate and Financial Planning and Retirement Plans
Estate Planning
We provide services to our clients to assist in minimizing the tax drain on your estate and maximizing the amount of your accumulated wealth that can be transferred to your heirs.
Retirement Plans
One way to cut taxes and save money is participating in a retirement program. We can look at your situation and recommend a program that will meet your specific needs.
Financial Planning
In today's environment, financial planning may seem overwhelming. We can help you identify your financial requirements, establish goals to fit those needs, and develop a strategy to help obtain those goals.

Cloud Accounting
For a small monthly fee, we can offer you access to professional accounting software whether you’re at your office, on the road, or at home. With this, you can keep track of accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and maintain both your check register and deposits. Not only that, we also offer full support and integration with this software. If you have trouble, we can remote in, to fix the problem. Since this software fully integrates with our system, we can seamlessly pull your data into our system expediting turn around for your financial documents. There are no annual requirements for you to worry about like software updates. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe thanks to our remote backup. We can also assist you with other third party software of your choosing.


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